My Dubai Rent: Indian family opt for 'quality living' with this Dh300,000 villa

Misha Agarwal says the five-bedroom house with a huge garden and a lot of living space is perfect for a big family

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My Dubai Rent takes you inside a reader's home to have a look at what they pay each month, see who they live with and ask what they like and don't like

Indian couple Misha Agarwal and Viksit Khanna moved to a spacious villa in Jumeirah Park in April.

They previously lived in smaller apartments after they moved to Dubai in 2008 but needed more space after the birth of their second child.

Now, Siyona, 9, and her baby brother Seyaan, 2, enjoy the open space and the big garden in their five-bedroom villa.

The couple has a sustainable solutions business in Dubai and they believe the villa offered them everything they were looking for in a home.

They invited The National into their villa and explained why it is special to them.

How much do you pay in rent?

We pay a premium price of Dh300,000 for this five-bedroom villa. When we were looking for a house, both of us wanted quality living, and we knew that came with a price.

The rents have gone up a lot. The space and comfort of this house make it worth it.

What is the best part of living in this community?

Comfort, space and quality are the top things for us. This is a peaceful community with plenty of greenery, which we love.

Both of us work from home, which means we spend most of our time in the house. So, we wanted to have a place that is spacious as well as comfortable.

I am the only child and my parents visit us. My husband also has responsibilities to his parents and his parents also visit us.

This villa has five bedrooms, a big garden, and a lot of living space, it is perfect for a big family.

The best part is that we are very close to Sheikh Zayed Road and have easy access to other parts of Dubai.

Where did you live before?

We lived in a three-bedroom apartment in Motor City, which was also peaceful with lots of greenery. But it was far away and quite a drive from the city centre. We had to deal with heavy traffic on Hessa Street daily.

How did you find your home?

I checked property advertisements online and did my own research. We saw a few communities when we started looking.

One real estate agent suggested we check out Jumeirah Park. I fell in love with the villa the moment I walked in.

What touches have you made to make the place feel like your own?

We are still doing up the place. We brought all our old furniture and put in a few extra rugs to make the house look and feel comfortable.

I have done up the living area really well because that is where we spend a lot of time with the children.

We have also installed cameras in the house so I can be in my office and monitor the children.

What would you change about your home if you could?

This is an ideal place for our family but I would like to see more parks and community spaces.

Currently, we do not have enough parks to do justice to the name, Jumeirah Park.

It would be great if my children could step out and play with other children in a park in the community.

Most villas have a private pool but I would like to see a community swimming pool and gym where we can meet our neighbours.

Updated: September 27, 2022, 6:08 AM