Houthi attacks and Gaza on UK agenda for Bahrain and UAE mission

Lord Tariq Ahmad will visit UK’s Royal Navy station in Bahrain, from where the force has supported operations against Houthi attacks

The UK Royal Navy missile destroyer HMS Diamond on patrol in the Red Sea. PA
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The UK’s Middle East Minister is on a diplomatic trip to meet Bahraini and UAE leaders and discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and security for shipping in the Red Sea.

Lord Tariq Ahmad will visit the UK’s naval support centre in Bahrain, which has helped international operations against the Iran-backed Houthis.

He will also discuss latest developments in Gaza after the US voted for a $25 billion aid package for Israel.

“At this critical period, we must do all we can – including working with key partners – to strengthen regional stability and security and push for de-escalation," said Lord Ahmad.

“The UK, Bahrain and the UAE are close partners and they have a crucial role to play in the region and I look forward to discussing our ongoing efforts towards alleviating the dire humanitarian suffering in Gaza by getting more aid in through as many routes as possible and to get hostages out.

“We must also work closely together to address the threat posed by the Iran-backed Houthis in the Red Sea and make progress towards peace and security in the Middle East, most importantly securing an irreversible pathway to delivering a two-state solution of Israel and Palestine.”

He is scheduled to arrive in Bahrain on Sunday and will then travel to the UAE.

While in Bahrain he will visit the UK’s Royal Navy facility, from where the UK has supported operations against the Houthi attacks on shipping. He is also expected to discuss Gaza and wider regional security.

The UK supports Operation Prosperity Guardian and Operation Poseidon Archer as parts of efforts to tackle the Houthi attacks.

In meetings with Bahrain’s National Security Adviser, Foreign Minister and Interior Minister, Lord Ahmad will emphasise the UK’s efforts towards securing an immediate pause in the fighting to send more aid into Gaza faster and through as many routes as possible.

The minister will then travel to the UAE, where he is expected to have further discussions on the war.

Updated: April 21, 2024, 4:16 AM