Couple lose appeal in Abu Dhabi against 66-year sentence for serious crimes

Sixteen others were also convicted of taking part in offences including forgery, bribery and abuse of public funds

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A couple have lost their final appeal after being sentenced to a combined 66 years in prison for crimes including forgery, abuse of public funds, bribery, illicit gain and disruption of public utilities.

They were previously fined Dh39m ($10.62 million) by the court and were ordered to pay a similar amount to be distributed among their victims.

Sixteen others, also involved in the crimes and convicted of similar charges, had been sentenced to prison terms between three to 15 years each and fined Dh13m in total.

Selling expired food

An investigation by Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution found that the couple were storing expired food and other consumer goods in private warehouses where they lived, before forging new expiry dates and reselling the items.

They also bribed 16 people to illegally alter public utility installations, including by adding unauthorised water and electricity connections to supply lines.

Prosecutors said the couple fixed an unauthorised water pipe to a farm's main water supply pipe, also without installing a meter.

With its water diverted, the farm's property was damaged and its customers and activities affected.

The couple also tampered with electrical systems, causing short circuits and disruption of supply, while endangering public safety.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation upheld the sentences that were initially issued by a lower court.

The couple's crimes were discovered when reports were lodged by various departments, leading to 12 cases against them and their associates.

The court also found evidence that the group tried to seize public land and disrupt vehicles by merging two farms together.

Judges were told that the couple forged official documents and electronic files to carry out the offences.

The couple have now exhausted all attempts at appealing the decision and will have to serve their sentences.

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