'Nothing is impossible': Diver breaks underwater wheelchair world record in Dubai

Faisal Al Mosawi breaks his third world record since car crash left him paralysed from waist down

Paralysed diver breaks world record in Dubai Mall

Paralysed diver breaks world record in Dubai Mall
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From a promising footballer to Guinness World Record holder, Faisal Al Mosawi has defied the odds once again by becoming the world's fastest diver with an underwater wheelchair at Dubai Mall's Aquarium.

Mr Al Mosawi, 38, was born in Kuwait and played football at Al-Salmiya Sporting Club until a car accident in 2005 left him paralysed in the lower half of his body.

Two years after the accident, he discovered a passion for diving and has never looked back.

This record is for every individual who refuses to be defined by limitations
Faisal Al Mosawi

“After a series of operations with a hope to walk again, I was frustrated and isolated myself at home. But I decided to be a new person and pursue a different career path,” Mr Al Mosawi told The National.

Setting out to send a message to all people of determination that everyone can pursue their dreams, he went on diving trips in Egypt, Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand to pursue his new hobby.

After breaking two world records in 2018 and 2022, Mr Al Mosawi decided to attempt a third in Dubai.

On Monday, Mr Al Mosawi completed the fastest dive using an underwater wheelchair, clocking a time of 37 minutes for 400 metres at Dubai Aquarium.

“I'm thrilled and excited. This achievement is a testament to the limitless capability of the human," he said. "I'm proud of showing my skills. I am immensely proud to demonstrate the capabilities of adaptive sports.

"This record is for every individual who refuses to be defined by limitations. Nothing is impossible.”

In 2018, he became the fastest 10km scuba diver in the world with a time of five hours and 24 minutes, breaking a record that was set by a scuba diver with no disability.

Four years later, he broke another world record by becoming the fastest snorkelling diver after travelling 1km in less than an hour in the Maldives.

Mr Al Mosawi trained for four months for his latest achievement, during which he practised by swimming and diving for 400 metres while carrying a 10kg chair or the same weight of diving equipment.

“I chose Dubai to break the record as it is a friendly city for people of determination," he said. "Dubai Mall is the busiest place and it helped to send my message, as many visitors watched me dive into the massive water tank."

After breaking the record, Mr Al Mosawi thanked his family, his training team and Dubai Sports Council.

“It was a tough challenge but I insisted on succeeding," he said.

"I'm living my life better than before the accident. I am married, have a daughter and overcame the challenges. It is like a dream."

Mr Al Mosawi, who has a bachelor's degree in finance, is also working as a life coach to inspire others.

“I'm a motivational speaker with more than 500 trainees per month," he said. "I hope my accomplishments will demonstrate to the world that people of determination are as capable of success as anyone else."

Updated: February 27, 2024, 12:39 PM