Cyber risks in the AI age: Business Extra

Security expert Haider Pasha of Palo Alto Networks joins this week

New research from cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks has found that a little more than half of chief executives in the UAE estimate potential losses from cybersecurity attacks have increased in the past year.

Haider Pasha, senior director and chief security officer at Palo Alto Networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America, joins Business Extra host Kelsey Warner this week to explain the scope of cybersecurity risks in 2023.

Mr Pasha explained that they help organisations consolidate different tools within their networks, support AI and machine learning and help companies prepare and detect cyberattacks.

In this episode:

What Palo Alto Networks does (0m 21s)

The types of cybersecurity attacks (3m 35s)

The rise of automated attacks (9m 22s)

Dealing with ransomware (13m 54s)

Making a more secure world (17m 18s)

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Updated: May 26, 2023, 6:39 PM